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We fully understand that making a change in your lifestyle can be a little overwhelming or difficult for some people but our team is an expert at career counselling of the students. Through our personal fitness trainer courses, we not only target the health betterment of our students but the people who will be training under them. These personal fitness instructor courses are amazing for you, no matter what age you are. There are no limits of enrolling in the fitness training courses, you just need the right kind of passion to do so.

An Overview of the Course

We are always working towards encouraging a healthier lifestyle for all the people in the country. Our trained students are making such a big difference in the fitness industry in recent times. Our personal trainer courses not only teach you the physical aspect of fitness training but also the mental aspect of training for your clients as well.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course

Looking for the best job ever? Go for our personal trainer instructor course and score a chance to be the most wanted personal trainer in the area.

Studio Cycling Workshop

Learn to get in shape through cycling and inspire your clients to do it too with our studio cycling workshop.

Metabolic Conditioning Course

We are proud to present you our metabolic conditioning course which allows you to cleanse your insides the right way.

Exercise to Music Instructor Course

Nothing can be more fun and entertaining than our exercise to music instructor course. Learn to move to beats.

Level 3 Personal Training diploma

Enhance your personal training skills with our level 3 personal trainer diploma and take your fitness training game to the next level.

Gym Based Boxing Workshop

What could be best other than doing it through sports? Go for our gym based boxing workshop and get in shape.

Job Opportunities & Career Progression for a Personal Trainer

The trend of healthy living has made its way in the recent times and social media is the top most responsible thing for that. All this has increased fitness trainer jobs to a 100%. So many new gyms are emerging and people are getting inclined more and more towards sports. You can be a boss of your own and work with your clients or you can work with fitness encouraging companies.

Start your Career as a personal fitness trainer and increase your chances of getting hired

As a personal fitness instructor you can make up to £30,000 per annum working in a job. The potential of growth in the fitness industry is now increasing with each passing minute. Everyone is in the race of getting a toned body and a better life.

Course Funding Options

You don’t need to be a rich person to afford our personal fitness instructor training. All you need is a will and we make sure we find out ways for you. Avail our 0% interest rate course funding option today and train without any worries.

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