LGV/HGV Driver Training

LGV/HGV & PCV Driver Training

Drive like a pro with our skilled instructors

Some of you might find thrill in driving bigger vehicles, to be honest, who doesn’t? Make your adventure and thrill into a career with our LGV driver training and PCV bus driver training. We offer you HGV training where you will experience how a professional driver spends time. You won’t have to go for your CAT C1 licence test twice now because with our HGV driver training you are set to clear your test in the first attempt.

Overview of our LGV Training & PCV Bus Driver Training

Our LGV training and PCV bus driver training are excellent quality wise. All our instructors are professional drivers with years long of experience in HGV training. We are indirectly constantly preparing you for many of the HGV jobs that will come your way soon after you finish your training. The exciting part about all this is our instructors help you in figuring out tiny details about your CAT C licence test which will later qualify you for LGV driving.

CAT C Licence - for vehicles weighing 3500 kg with trailers below 750 kg.

CAT C+E - for vehicles weighing 3500 kg with trailers weighing 750 kg.

CAT C1 - for vehicles weighing between 3500 to 7500 kg with trailers below 750 kg.

CAT C1+E - for vehicles weighing between 3500 to 7500 with trailers weighing 750 kg.

LGV/HGV Driver Training

The transportation and logistics industry is calling you with so many benefits in store. Go for our HGV training today and benefit from them.

PCV Bus Driver Training

Clear your CAT D licence test in the first go so you don’t have to worry about retests with our PCV bus driver training.

Forklift Operator Training

Learn how to operate a forklift with ease through for forklift training.

Career Prospects & Job Opportunities in Transport Industry

Basically after your LGV training ends, once you are on your job, you will be getting paid to travel the country, meet new people, and explore new places and cuisines. How fun does that sound? Usually people have to spend money to get all that. There is currently a shortage of skilled drivers in the country at the moment and this is the best time to go for HGV training and find a job.

Make up to £30,000 per annum with HGV jobs

The growth in this industry is amazing. You can easily get promoted to a dispatcher’s position depending on your hard work and skill. Do not miss a chance like this to get your CAT C licence or CAT D licence.

Course Funding Options

We have a simple priority that is your training so you can pass your test. Finances should not become a hurdle in your way towards success. Avail our 0% interest rate loan option and start your training without any worries.

Why train with us?

We have a 99% pass rate
till date.

Funding Options

Train now and pay later with our 0% interest rate loan policy.

Job Opportunities

Find a beneficial job right after you are done with your training.